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FourQuest Energy provides a wide range of chemicals from the industry experts, FQE Chemicals.

Through our years of experience utilizing a range of chemical providers, we have determined the Company FQE® Chemicals to be the superior provider in the market. Their core chemistries specialize in degassing and decontamination, which address LEL’s, H2S, pyrophoric scale, naturally occurring radioactive material, heavy hydrocarbons, grease, and odours.

By leveraging our experience with FQE Chemicals, you will improve the efficiency, safety and financial performance of your assets.

FQE Chemicals

Improve efficiency and financial performance

Featured Chemicals

Below is the chemicals we have chosen to feature based on their superior performance and innovation in the industry. To find out more about FQE Chemicals, please visit

Removing Solid Asphalt Via Vapour Phase

This experiment was set up to determine the efficiency of asphaltene dissolution using FQE Solvent-H versus two industry alternatives and water. As evidenced in the experiment, the soluble asphaltene was completely dissolved with vapor phase application of FQE Solvent-H. The alternatives tested essentially yielded the same results as using water (steam).

At the end of an hour, when only insoluble coke remained in the FQE beaker, a spatula was used to easily remove particulates from the beaker wall. FQE Solvent-H condensate was then transferred with the spatula to the other three beakers. The powerful active ingredients of FQE Solvent-H, in condensate, was able to solubilize the deposits in the remaining beakers.

In essence, the experiment mimics decontamination of vertical vessels using a vapor phase cleaning technique. The asphalt along the side of the beakers represent heavy fouling of vessels and process equipment, easily addressed by FQE Solvent-H.

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FQE LEL-V provides rapid absorption of vapour-state hydrocarbons in an innovative encapsulant for effective decontamination and degassing of hydrocarbon processing equipment.

NORM Decontamination

FQE NORM-Clear is an exclusive water soluble product developed to completely remove NORM (naturally occurring radioactive material) contamination from vessels, tanks or process pipework.

Pyrophoric Iron Sulfide

Prevents hazardous oxidation of iron sulfide and the potential dangers of a flash fire or explosion in hydrocarbon processing equipment. Safe and effective control of pyrophoric iron deposits.

Barium Sulfate Scale

A liquid concentrate of carefully selected inorganic and organic compounds designed specifically for the dissolution and removal of Barium scale deposits.

Asphaltene Control

For the dissolution & recovery of asphaltenes in process equipment, pipelines and storage tanks. Maintains a liquid state for effective recovery & reintroduction of a valuable hydrocarbon stream into the refining process.

Dissolving Crystalline Asphalt

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