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FourQuest Maintenance Services: On Time, On Budget and Zero Harm

We understand that while equipment maintenance is critical to the longevity of your plant, outages take time away from production and ultimately revenue. Turnaround services must be able to meet equipment maintenance requirements while being on budget, on time and zero harm to quickly return plants back to full operational capacity. FQE offers a wide variety of services that are executed by highly experienced and trained staff to ensure these needs are met and exceeded.

Specialty Services

Our Specialty Services are customized specifically for each client to decontaminate and clean even the toughest jobs. Specialty services include:

  • Online Heat Exchanger Cleaning: Sometimes downtime is not an option, as such we have developed in-house chemistry that can be blended into the petroleum process stream to clean your exchangers while you’re in full operation.
  • Vapour Phase Decontamination: Using an enhanced steam technique where chemicals are injected into steam, equipment and interconnected piping can be freed of LELs, H2S, mercaptans, ammonia and benzene. This method is created to maximize speed and efficiency for economical process plant cleaning.
  • Liquid Phase Chemical Cleaning: Using FQE’s fully winterized L.P. unit fully equipped with pumps, heaters and fluid storage for safe, hassle-free operations, FQE is able to recommend the correct chemistry along with the proper cleaning methodology for your equipment maintenance.

Some cleaning methods include:

  • Fill and Soak
  • Flood and Circulate
  • Tower Cascading
  • Ping-Pong Flushing
  • 3D Gamma Jetting

Dissolving Crystalline Asphalt

Nitrogen Services

As your first call nitrogen provider, our nitrogen pumpers, bulkers and tube trailers can meet all of your needs including:

High Rate Flameless Pumper

Industrial Services

Our Industrial Services can be employed for planned outages or unexpected outages. They include but are not limited to the following:

Pressure and Vacuum

Competitive Advantages

Using our services provides several advantages that will prove beneficial to your team including:

Turnkey Services

From nitrogen services, to chemical cleaning and high pressure washing, FQE is able to provide a multitude of services all in house which will reduce procurement logistics.

Experienced Crew

Having a highly competent staff, we do not just clean, but will work with our clients to maximize the value of our services.

Fast Response Time

Whether the outage is planned or unexpected, we have a 24-hour dispatch line to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

Engineered Process

Many unique situations can occur during a turnaround. FQE can customize our methodologies to achieve all your goals.

Specialty Chemistry

Having in-house chemistry, we are able to tackle even the stickiest of situations to leave your equipment in tip top condition free of residue.

Industry Insights

Visit our Industry Insights Blog for more articles on our degassing services.


Liquid Circulation vs. Degassing
Each of these methods has preferential applications where it will prevail over the other due to certain design limitations (eg. No steam available, waste disposal, vessels not connected to flare, etc.).

Vapour Phase Cleaning (Degassing)
Improved safety regulations, mandatory vessel inspections, and new environmental requirements are increasing the demand for system decontamination in the oil and gas industry.
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