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We put a strong emphasis on employee development through self-managed learning and on the job training,

Opportunities such as training, professional development, education reimbursement, apprenticeships, leadership development, conference participation, internal forums, and workshops allow for learning by giving employees an opportunity to put their skills into action.

On the Job TrainingAs we’ve mentioned, we know that our people are our greatest asset, and that the continued growth and success of FourQuest Energy relies on the development of our employees. The ultimate goal of LearnQuest is the continuous professional development of our people. LearnQuest provides our employees with opportunities to enhance their existing knowledge base and skill sets in a challenging and dynamic workplace.


LearnQuest consists of sessions that range from technical how-tos to sessions that keep employees up-to-date on changing industry regulations and the latest industry hot topics. All sessions are structured to provide our people with the opportunity to network, socialize, and learn from their peers.

LearnQuest exists to give FourQuest employees the knowledge and information they need to succeed each and every day.

On The Job Training

LearnQuestExperience makes up the largest part of development as employees work through tasks in their roles at FourQuest. Special job assignments may involve new initiatives or locations at the company. Cross-functional teams and projects are also a way to gain access to and learn from peers with different types of skills and backgrounds.

Professional Society Memberships and Designations

Learning and job development can also come from belonging to professional associations or getting professional designations. Employees—particularly those in leadership roles—are encouraged to join job-related professional societies and obtain recognized professional designations in their respective fields, and to participate in society activities.

We proudly support our employees’ desire to learn, develop, and advance throughout their careers.

Our Professional Development Program is a initiative aimed at supporting our employees’ growth. There are many different career choices at FourQuest Energy.

We encourage our employees to focus on continually enhancing their skills in order to improve their opportunities for advancement. This includes mapping out career paths, coaching, succession planning, and providing our staff with performance management tools and professional development.


Career Success at FourQuest Energy is defined in many unique ways; you can write your own success story here. Want to develop your skills and knowledge in your current position? Or would you rather learn how to do something completely new and different? No matter what your plans, FourQuest Energy strives to support your career choices.

Managing your career—like learning—is a lifelong adventure. At FourQuest Energy, you define your future. We value the talent and initiative that our employees bring to our company. Our primary objective is to foster superior performance so that our staff can become key players in the business.

To accomplish this goal, our Professional Development Program will ensure that our employees have the necessary skills to excel in not only their current jobs, but in their future roles as well. We support and reward individuals who dream of continuing their education, expanding their knowledge base, and working toward professional designation in their field.

What Does the Program Offer?

  • Financial assistance for tuition and textbooks for employees who seek further education.
  • Leadership development programs and other career development programs customized to fit employee needs.
  • Support for professional certifications.

Why Participate?

  • To improve your current workplace performance.
  • To increase your potential for career advancement.
  • To add to and improve your skills.
  • To gain the support of a mentor in your field.
  • To access invaluable learning and development tools.
  • To expose yourself to a variety of challenging work experiences and career pathways.
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