Chemical Cleaning - FourQuest Energy

FourQuest offers a variety of chemical cleaning processes for all your turnaround needs to keep your equipment performing at tip-top condition.

Post operations equipment typically accumulate sludge or suffer significant rusting during use which can result in fluid obstruction, reduced heat transfer efficiencies, high concentrations of contaminants such as LELs or H2S and more. FourQuest can utilize our L.P. Chemical Cleaning Trucks in numerous configurations with a combination of many chemistries to meet all of your challenges.

L.P Chemical Cleaning Truck

FourQuest’s chemical cleaning truck contains a robust, direct-fired diesel heat exchanger, which provides 3.5 million BTU at peak exchange to guarantee high flow delivery across a wide range of temperatures. The system is fully winterized, and its compact design offers a small onsite footprint. All the safety features, such as external data collection, ensure a safe, hassle-free, and efficient operation.

These units also have the capability of being utilized to fill large vessels at a quicker rate and can perform hydro testing of up to 5,000 PSI. They’re equipped with 4 x 3 mission magnum stainless steel pumps with capabilities of 500 – 700 GPM. The L.P. Truck can be used to circulate fluid in many applications including but not limited to: Full Flood and Circulation, Tower Cascading and 3D Gamma Jetting, Process Piping Circulation.

Unique Chemical Solutions

When presented with a chemical cleaning scope, we recommend a unique set of chemistry for that each job that accounts for many factors including:

  • Cleaning Objectives
  • System Metallurgy and Chemical Compatibility
  • Equipment Design and Operational Conditions
  • Chemical Pricing
  • Deposit Characteristics

In addition to standard chemical feedstocks, FQE produces a lines of high efficiency propriety chemicals designed to do everything from heavy sludge dissolution, bacteria removal, scale deposit removal heavy decontamination.

For more information on the chemistry selection process please refer to the chemicals page.


Flood and Circulation Method

As the name implies, equipment and/or piping is flooded with the chemical solution and is circulated in a closed loop using a pump until cleaning specifications are achieved. Flow rates, temperatures and durations are determined and controlled to optimize the cleaning process.

This is the most common method used for maintenance as it takes full advantage of liquid agitation though circulation.

Fill and Soak

The fill and soak methodology is used for cases where only a single entry/drain point is available and circulation is not possible.  Equipment is initially flooded with chemistry and then allowed to sit for a period before draining.  To compensate for the lack of agitation, fill and soaks and be repeated several times to achieve the desired cleanliness.

Tower Cascade Method

Tower Cascading is the preferred method for towers and columns that have distribution plates located throughout and are not designed to be flushed at maximum fluid levels.  This method pumps the cleaning solution to the top of the tower where gravity assisted flow will complete the circulation loop.  Liquid hold up at the bottom of the tower can be maintained by dictating flow rates and column pressure.

Ping Pong Flushing

Ping Pong Flushing is particularly useful for lengthy sections of piping where circulation is not feasible due to hosing or temporary piping requirements.  This method entails setting up a setting up liquid holdup and pumping capabilities on each end of the piping and then pushing fluid back and forth between the two camps to establish fluid flow.

3D Gamma Jetting

3D Gamma is utilized for vessels and drums to maximize fluid contact and agitation while minimizing the fluid requirement to reduce waste generation.  A Gamma Jet is installed at a manway door and is connected to a pump for circulation.  As an added advantage the vessel/drum being cleaned can be used for liquid hold up to lessen cleaning equipment foot print during turnarounds.


Our chemical cleaning trucks are suitable for multiple upstream and downstream chemical cleaning applications, including but not limited to:

  • Steam boilers
  • Tanks
  • Exchangers
  • Condensers
  • Pipe lines
  • Reactors
  • Plant commissioning
  • Economizers
  • Steam mud drums
  • Super heaters
  • Cooling water systems
  • Turbines
  • Compressors
  • BFW lines