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With our industry-leading fleet of equipment, experienced personnel and engineering capabilities we provide our clients the most efficient turnaround and maintenance programs, nitrogen when you need it, proven specialty chemicals, and a full range of pre-commissioning and commissioning services. You can trust us for all your industrial cleaning needs at oil and gas, refinery, petrochemical and many other industrial facilities across North America.

What others call specialization, we call standard.

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We promote a safety first culture and excellence in our service quality.


Our “Quest for Zero” starts by integrating the safety mindset into all aspects of our employee’s actions, on and off the job. Our 10 Rules act as a reference for all of our employees.


We’re dedicated to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 standard, in pursuit of the constant improvement of our overall performance and efficiency.

We conduct yearly audits to identify any deficiencies. Inspections are completed on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. We use the information from these reports as a learning tool.

Latest Case Studies

Waste Effluent Composition via Thermal Separation
Chemical Cleaning to Decommission 36″ NPS Pipeline
Clear communication, detailed planning, and industry-leading expertise resulted in the successful chemical cleaning of a 36” x 220 km crude oil pipeline on schedule with a perfect safety record.
Boiler Mud Drums Case Study
Pre-Commissioning Chemical cleaning of Steam Package Boilers
Clear communication, comprehensive pre-planning, and strong technical expertise resulted in the successful chemical cleaning of two steam package boilers with a perfect safety record.
Treatment Settler
Level One State of Cleanliness of a Treatment Settler
Chemical Degassing was performed on a high-temperature froth treatment settler. Residual sludge up to a foot along the walls, seams were completely removed for a Class 1 inspection.
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