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Nitrogen gas is one of the primary products in the oil and gas industry, from the initial drilling of the well to the delivery of the finished product via pipeline, truck, and train to the user.

As a naturally occurring gas, nitrogen can safely be used for multitude of services in the energy industry. It has properties that make it an ideal tool: it is inert, nonreactive, nontoxic, and noncorrosive.

Nitrogen services are various: nitrogen can be shipped as a cryogenic liquid, compressed as a dry gas, or filtered from the atmosphere on site using a nitrogen membrane unit. Most commonly, it is delivered in bulk as a cryogenic liquid, then converted to a warm gas using a diesel-fired heat exchanger or non-fired flameless nitrogen pumping unit. It can be delivered at temperatures ranging from -150 to +400˚C and at pressures from atmospheric to 10,000 psi. Recent developments also allow for the use of nitrogen filtering membranes as a method of gas delivery for special projects, including low-rate delivery, underbalanced drilling, and deliveries to remote locations.

Nitrogen Properties (N2 Properties): 
Density (Gas) =1.251 g/L
Density (Liquid) =808 Kg/M3
Boiling Point =-195.73˚C

Application method depends on the project size and scale, with economics and supply demands being a major consideration. Nitrogen applications can range in size from a two-hour operation involving one pumper and operator to projects lasting months with numerous pumpers and transports. Some projects require very large volumes of nitrogen delivered in a short time period, which is normally provided by the conventional fired pumping equipment. A continuous supply of liquid nitrogen can be delivered to site by specially designed nitrogen transports.

Our Nitrogen Services

Accelerated Cool-Downs

Virtually any reaction vessel operating at extremely high temperatures can benefit from the thermally engineered accelerated cool down service provided by FourQuest Energy. The high-temperature vessels used in the energy industry for a wide range of processes and products can often take days or even weeks to cool down to […]

Nitrogen Purging and Displacement

LEL and Oxygen Freeing Nitrogen purging services are essential when the required nitrogen supply exceeds a plant’s ability to maintain the high flow rate often required during shutdowns and other maintenance procedures. Nitrogen purging is highly effective for pipeline purges, product displacement, and process pipeline inerting. Our engineers can develop […]

Nitrogen / Helium and Sonic Leak Detection

Nitrogen/helium leak detection is the most precise way of detecting and quantifying leak rates on critical flanges. Helium leak detection involves pressurizing a system with a mixture of nitrogen and ~1% helium. Our qualified technicians then probe each potential leak location with highly sensitive helium detection equipment. This process is […]

Pneumatic Testing

Because is it clean and extremely dry, high pressure nitrogen is a very effective medium for conducting pneumatic tests on sensitive equipment when potential contamination is a concern. The high rates, pressure, and precise control of FourQuest Energy’s mobile nitrogen pumping equipment can significantly reduce time required and increase the […]

Pipe Freezing

As a service, nitrogen pipe freezing for isolations has been on the market regularly since the 1970’s, but the first patents have been documented as early as 1940’s. The main purposes of the ‘freeze plug’ have been to create isolations in the following applications: 1 Single isolations for low-risk applications […]


In addition to our process and pipeline applications, FourQuest Energy also provides a wide range of down-hole nitrogen services. What follows is a list outlining some of the services we provide: Well Cleanouts The displacement of wellbore fluids to the surface using nitrogen to pressurize down through the annulus, forcing […]

Drying and Preservation

Nitrogen gas provided by FourQuest Energy nitrogen pumping equipment provides 99.99% pure nitrogen with a dewpoint of -70˚C. This clean, extremely dry gas is effective for drying out any pipeline or process system. When combined with high temperatures, the drying time to achieve the required dew point is significantly reduced […]