Accelerated Cool-Downs - FourQuest Energy

Virtually any reaction vessel operating at extremely high temperatures can benefit from the thermally engineered accelerated cool down service provided by FourQuest Energy.

The high-temperature vessels used in the energy industry for a wide range of processes and products can often take days or even weeks to cool down to manageable working temperatures. Proper engineering design optimizes the accelerated cool-down portion of the plant shutdown process, allowing our clients to better plan and execute shutdown activities over and above the time savings provided by the ACD.  Put simply, shutdown time is significantly reduced so that work can start sooner and our clients’ expenses are lower.

Our customized procedures—written by our engineers for each individual application—have been proven to safely and efficiently reduce the time required for cool-downs on process reactors including hydro-crackers, hydro-treaters, catalyst beds, and reaction furnaces without causing any adverse effects to thermally sensitive material. Having the capability to provide high-rate nitrogen on-site and ready to pump prior to accelerated cool-downs can reduce and even eliminate any thermal runaways when conducting heat soaks in sulfur recovery units. With continuous on-site monitoring of the system and its response, our engineers and technicians can adapt and respond instantly by making changes to the process in real world conditions.

Actual data recorded during an accelerated cool-down using nitrogen gas injection
Actual data recorded during an accelerated cool-down using liquid nitrogen injected into a supplied air flow.