Fluid Heating and Pumping Services - FourQuest Energy

Fluid heating and pumping services, which ensure proper circulation and transport of fluids into systems, vessels, and pipelines, are very important in the energy industry.

8,000,000 BTU/hr fired heating units

The FourQuest Energy fired heating units are coupled with a shell and tube heat exchanger using glycol as a heating medium. Our fired heating units are specifically designed to safely heat most liquids—even corrosive and severe chemicals—without worry. They have a thermal output of 8,000,000 BTU/hr and a maximum flow rate capacity of 500 L/min at 150 psig discharge pressure.

The units are able to adapt to every heating need in the energy industry, from contaminated ice melting in pipelines due to cold weather to heating boiler feed water for plant startup. Our fired heater can increase the temperature of water up to 50°C in a single pass and has a maximum outlet temperature of 120°C. The fired heating units have excellent thermal efficiency, are very safe, and consume only diesel fuel.

38,000,000 BTU Frac Water Heater

Our 38,000,000 BTU frac water heaters are dual fired – diesel or natural gas – trailer mounted, fully enclosed units. These units are capable of heating water up to 100°F in a single pass at a flow rate of 500GPM, with a maximum flow rate of 850GPM at 50 psi (inlet pressure). The dual burners included on each unit meet all NFPA combustion system requirements and are equipped with safety shutdowns. Burners are digitally controlled to ensure adequate water temperatures are being achieved.

Applications within the energy industry for these units include:

Chemical cleaning fluid heating

Chemical cleaning often requires fluid temperatures up to 80°C for optimal degreasing and decontamination. The 8 MBTU/hr fired heating units are ideal for heating larger system volumes for chemical cleaning; required temperatures can be reached very quickly. Higher temperatures in chemical cleaning solutions mean faster reaction times and improved cleaning.

Warming of water for plant startup and process water heating

FourQuest Energy has a wide range of experience and capability in commissioning services. It is essential in the energy industry to ensure required temperatures are met for plant startup; our company can warm water for plant start up and maintain temperature for operations using our fired heating units. Circulation loops can be established between process water tanks and our heaters to maintain fluid temperature.

Tailings pond thawing and snow melting

Practical scoping of piping systems is important throughout the construction, startup, and operation of facilities. From the perspective of a cleaning contractor, effectively scoped piping systems are a key element to efficient cleaning packages. Performing scoping of systems to allow for turnover by commodity assists in the field execution of commissioning cleaning. For example, when systems are scoped to involve multiple commodities or have short sections of piping, it is difficult to create efficient cleaning packages. This problem is magnified when systems are not handed over for cleaning in the order expected. The cleaning of a large system can be held up if a section of the piping belongs to another system. FourQuest can aid the client in developing system scopes that will not only benefit final construction turnover, but also save significant time during procedure development and execution. In addition to being able to assess the piping systems for scope definition, FourQuest can provide electrical and instrumentation scoping expertise, resulting in a complete system scoping package.

Maintaining temperature on storage tanks for testing

Fluid temperature is affected by various outside factors, such as weather conditions, ambient temperature, and pipe location. Certain temperatures need to be maintained when performing tests such as hydrostatic pressure testing; fired heating units can be used to achieve these temperatures. If piping or a tank has a minimum metal temperature to be met during testing, the use of a fluid heater will allow the test to proceed during marginal temperature conditions.

Heating fracturing fluids

Hydraulic fracturing uses certain hydrocarbons or water for injection that require various temperatures for maximum effectiveness. One of the major challenges of hydraulic fracturing includes heating fluids in cold weather conditions in order to prevent freezing of water. Our fired heating units can easily maintain heat for fracturing fluids for extended periods of time on down-hole sites.