Maintenance Pigging - FourQuest Energy

Maintain Piping Integrity

Like all equipment, pipes require maintenance to keep them working at their best. Deposit build-up from operations doesn’t just obstruct flow but also increases pressure drops over long distances requiring pumps to work harder. FQE offers several maintenance pigging services to fulfill all your needs.

Dewatering & Drying Services

Bulk removal of fluid is normally required during a shutdown to conduct maintenance or repairs on pipelines. We will use several different types of pigs to ensure that when repairs are conducted, minimal fluid is left inside the pipe to prevent spills.

Scale and Deposit Removal

Several types of pigs such as bush and gel pigs are used to remove deposits that naturally build up during operations, to leave piping in good working condition.

Corrosion Inhibitor Application

A slug of fluid containing inhibitor is sent down the pipeline coating the piping internals as a measure to prevent corrosion.

Batch Pig Filling

Once maintenance is complete, the pipeline is filled again using a pig uniform filling and to minimize air pockets.