Fluid Pumping Services - FourQuest Energy

One of the basic equipment requirements in all sectors of the energy industry is the use of pumping services to circulate or transport fluids into or through systems, vessels, pipelines, or wells.

FourQuest Energy has extensive experience with fluid transport solutions. Pumping services can be used to provide an efficient method of removing debris from pipelines and new build facilities by exceeding the cleaning force ratio and abrading debris and scale from the internal surfaces of the vessel and pipe walls. The debris-laden fluid can be filtered and re-injected to remove additional debris. Other applications range from high-pressure water injection into under-pressured formations for enhanced oil recovery to water disposal and injecting large volumes of water into pipelines, process units, or storage vessels for hydrostatic testing.

Tank Hydrostatic Testing

Before fluid storage tanks can be put into service, it is required that they undergo a hydrostatic test. This is accomplished by filling the system with a test medium, usually water. FourQuest Energy can provide temporary tankage, pumps, filtration, and temporary piping solutions to achieve a successful tank test. In cases where multiple tanks need to be tested, the distance between them can be significant, so temporary piping can be supplied to transfer the water as far as several kilometers.

Flushing of Vessels and Piping

High velocity flushing is an effective way of preparing equipment either prior to operation or for the purpose of cleaning during a shutdown. By using temporary equipment, the piping and required vessels can be targeted, making for an efficient cleaning process. Applications are widespread during water plant commissioning for flushing filter vessels as well as pump suction lines. Sour water, produced water, condensate, and other plant water systems can also be flushed prior to operation to remove large construction debris. Beyond that, performing a temporary flush allows a test of system functionality without having the permanent pumps commissioned.

Hydrostatic Testing

The testing of pipelines and plant piping is a core fluid pumping service. FourQuest Energy can provide both fill pumps and squeeze pumps for all sizes of pipe hydro-testing. FourQuest can also provide equipment required should the fluid need to be heated or filtered.

Standby Services

During startup or maintenance events, it is often necessary to have backup or standby pumping capability. Using temporary pumps and piping connections is a cost effective solution to short term demands for equipment redundancy.

Startup Fluid Transfer

In many startup situations, a temporary fluid transfer solution can save time and money or even allow for an operation that might not be possible with the installed equipment. Filling tanks for startup with their first fill fluid is an often overlooked application because the system pumps are not usually sized for rapid filling, but solely to maintain levels in a full system. The use of temporary equipment can allow for a first fill to be performed quickly and safely. The transfer of fluid between holding ponds is another process in which there may not be permanent pumps to accomplish the task.