Pigging and Testing Services - FourQuest Energy

Pigging (Displacements)

Pigging is a valuable service in the industry. It is completed to increase efficiency and avoid potential problems on existing pipelines, and to remove new construction debris to assist during hydrostatic testing.

It’s applications within the industry include:

  • Pipeline pre-commissioning
  • Pipeline maintenance
  • Boiler maintenance
  • Line dewatering
  • Line drying
  • Separating mediums in a pipeline

FourQuest Energy provides all required equipment as well as highly experienced personnel to complete every job.


Gauge pigs and caliper tools are run through a pipeline to ensure that it has retained its shape through new construction and throughout the duration of its service.


Upon completion of piping construction, the line is required to be tested beyond the required performance pressure. This testing can be completed pneumatically with air or nitrogen, or with fluids such as water, glycol, or a methanol mixture.

Prior to line fill, our engineers will determine whether or not a line pack is needed on the pipeline. They do so by examining the hydrostatic profile of the pipeline to calculate the amount of air needed to maintain pressure on the fill. This ensures the measured amount of testing medium does not fill with air, which could cause problems during the line squeeze portion of the test.

Once the line has been tested, the water is removed and the drying process begins. Drying can be completed with a methanol wash or compressed air. The methanol wash would be pushed in a slug between pigs. Conversely, the compressed air method would require a compressor and dryer set up to continually push pigs through the pipeline until the specified dryness has been achieved.

Not only is FourQuest Energy capable of completing all forms of testing, but we also have the global experience to complete them effectively. For every test, we provide a engineered procedure to be executed, as well as engineering support throughout the project.