Surface Engineering / Hydromilling - FourQuest Energy

Pipelines sometimes require specialized cleaning to engineer an improved operating surface free of manufacturing surface defects, tenacious manufacturing debris, and precursors to corrosion. Surface-engineered pipe cleaning begins with a thorough understanding of the metallurgy of the pipe, the manufacturing process, and unintended deposition and defects.

FourQuest Energy, a global leader in technical services to pipelines works closely with operators to understand their cleaning requirements and engineer fit-for-purpose solutions for all types of piping systems. Our extensive experience in oil and gas guides our solutions and execution plans so operators are assured of proven techniques and predictable outcomes.

FourQuest works closely with world-leading pipe manufacturers to design cleaning solutions specific to the pipeline’s characteristics and the operator’s specifications. Our engineered approach isn’t just a design exercise; we carefully monitor program performance and can make mid-process adjustments to continually optimize and improve results based on real-time information. In addition, FourQuest
makes the effort to analyze the behavior of our surfaceengineered solution as it traverses the pipe to ensure uniform results.

Understanding and analyzing our client’s goals and restrictions is the starting point of all engineering. We are curious by nature and ask a lot of questions so we can deliver, with confidence, the results of the campaign safely and responsibly – we are a best practices company.

While FourQuest has the most advanced fleet of pipeline pumping equipment in North America, our most valuable asset is our people. We are well-trained, competent, honest, and hard-working people who make good decisions regarding safety, the environment, and the public.

On a global basis, FourQuest has completed more hydro milling than any other company. In the past year alone, we completed surface engineering by high-pressure high volume hydro milling over 40 kilometers of large-diameter pipe. FourQuest was also trusted to surface engineer oxygen piping of higher metallurgy to the exacting cleanliness and surface standards of one of the largest refiners in the world.