Industrial Vacuum Services - FourQuest Energy

FourQuest provides modern vacuum trucks which are suitable for your on-site, day-to-day operations such as fluid transfers, spill clean ups, rig work, septic services and all your vacuum needs.

All units are equipped with industry-leading advancements – back up cameras and alarm as an extra precaution. These industry leading units have exceptional vacuum recovery which gives them the capability of loading all industry products. This is to provide you, the client, with the most advanced, user-friendly equipment for any of your service work.


  • Plant commissioning
  • Spill mitigation
  • Liquid product transfer and disposal
  • Hazardous and non-hazardous waste disposal
  • Product transport and disposal
  • Spill clean up
  • Drilling mud removal
  • Brine water removal
  • Sewer maintenance and cleaning
  • Interceptor pit cleaning

Our vacuum units are a tri-axle truck with a fully integrated combined pump and tank unit that is specifically designed for the oil and gas industry. This truck provides the easiest solution for the removal of any liquid or liquid and particle mixture from tanks and other equipment. It has a compact design, which offers a small on-site footprint, and in addition to its many safety features, it is designed to be easy, safe, and efficient to operate.

These diesel-powered vacuum trucks use liquid ring pumps to provide the vacuum. Liquid ring pumps typically operate at speeds up to 700 rpm, providing approximately 5,000 cfm airflow at high vacuum levels. The tank on the truck can hold 15,000 litres of liquid at temperatures ranging from -29˚C to 93˚C.  When using these pumps, flammable vapours may accumulate on top of the product separator. Vacuum pump vapours are controlled through safe vapour recovery and venting methods. The truck also has an integrated emergency shut off system to avoid “dieseling,” which occurs when flammable vapours enter the air intake of the diesel engine.