About FourQuest Energy

About FourQuest Energy

FourQuest Energy has been providing an integrated services platform to the energy industry since 2008, helping our clients achieve safe plant startup, and efficient maintenance and shutdown servicing events through our detailed engineering and expert field execution.

15 Year Anniversary FourQuest Energy

Our Key differentiators include:

True specialization in maintenance and mechanical pre-commissioning services.

Dedicated engineering department to help our clients define the pre-commissioning and maintenance scope.

The best people in our industry who specialize in our core business.

High energy culture that promotes innovation and an entrepreneurial “can do” spirit

FourQuest Energy (FQE) is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Company

It is our company philosophy to embrace and promote a culture where health, safety, and environmental management are integral components of every work day. Service quality is front and centre in all aspects of our business; we take pride in providing safe, quality services to the energy industry and focusing on the needs of our clients. A thorough understanding of our customers, their processes, and the problems they face is key to our accurate and thoughtful problem solving.

By focusing on surpassing the needs of the customer, FourQuest Energy is constantly striving to achieve the best, and as a result we have gained recognition for our performance. This recognition allows our clients a level of ease in knowing they have chosen a company that ensures success is the focus.  It is our goal to continue on our path of solid growth—while maintaining the highest quality—to become the leading independent provider of pre-commissioning and maintenance services.

What others call specialization, we call standard

Health, Safety and Environment

ISO 9001:2015 Company

FourQuest Energy embraces and promotes a culture where health, safety, and environmental  management are an integrated component of our overall company philosophy, and where service quality is front and centre in all aspects of business.

The most important mission in FourQuest Energy’s operations and for all our employees is to achieve the highest possible standard of health, safety, and environmental performance. We optimize the value created for our clients by conducting our operations in a manner that promotes safe work practices and avoids risk to our employees, our clients, and the environment.


FourQuest Energy is focused on our clients’ needs, and having committed and motivated employees is integral to meeting those needs. We take pride in providing safe, high quality services to the energy industry. A thorough understanding of our customers, their processes, and problems is key to our accurate and thoughtful problem solving; we have tremendous in-house technical resources.