Nitrogen / Helium and Sonic Leak Detection - FourQuest Energy

Nitrogen/helium leak detection is the most precise way of detecting and quantifying leak rates on critical flanges.

Helium leak detection involves pressurizing a system with a mixture of nitrogen and ~1% helium. Our qualified technicians then probe each potential leak location with highly sensitive helium detection equipment. This process is extremely effective for identifying and quantifying leak rates prior to the introduction of volatile products to the system.

An alternative to helium leak detection is ultrasonic leak detection equipment. In this procedure, the system is pressurized and inspected with extremely sensitive ultrasonic equipment that detects the sound created by a leak on a flange. While it is very effective for identifying leaks, this process cannot be used for quantifying the leak rate.

When combined with an effective bolt tensioning or torqueing program, these leak detection systems are a highly effective method of ensuring that any system is ready for startup.