Saa Dene Group Partnership with FourQuest Energy

Saa Dene Group and FourQuest Energy formed a limited partner company in 2022 to create and support responsible energy development services throughout Canada.

The Saa Dene FourQuest LP partnership has successfully initiated and maintained meaningful Indigenous and local community partnerships. Our track record of Indigenous leadership, engagement, hiring, and development practice is evident throughout our projects.

We’re excited to continue delivering on our collective mission to bring responsible energy development services throughout Canada with this partnership.

We are committed to engagement through four key areas:

• Relationship building
• Community investment
• Employment and training
• Business development

About Saa Dene Group

The Saa Dene Group is owned and operated by Chief Jim Boucher, a Fort McKay First Nation member. Through his leadership and vision, he has contributed to the wellbeing of the Wood Buffalo Region for decades and continues to do so through this new venture. In addition, Jim has maintained a positive and collaborative neighbourly relation with local energy companies, which has been demonstrated extensively through a proven track record of commitment to long-term sustainability over years of community engagement, regulatory consultation, and business partnerships.

Jim is committed to maintaining Indigenous economic participation along with supporting responsible energy development. His philanthropic and entrepreneurial spirit carries on through the Saa Dene Group and its breadth of offerings, which remains focused on the commitment to the Wood Buffalo Region, the capacity development of the peoples, and economic prosperity for Alberta.