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Pressure and Vacuum Services

FourQuest Energy’s industrial cleaning services team provide critical services for daily maintenance, turnarounds and outages at your facility.

We use a modern fleet of pressure and vacuum equipment to help you with the removal of hazardous, non-hazardous, wet and dry materials. With a dedicated engineering department, we’re committed to constantly growing and evolving our solutions to provide innovative, cost effective service, backed up by sound engineering.

Vacuum Services

FourQuest provides modern vacuum trucks which are suitable for your on-site, day-to-day operations such as fluid transfers, spill clean ups, rig work, septic services and all your vacuum needs. All units are equipped with industry-leading advancements – back up cameras and alarm as an extra precaution. These industry leading units […]

Steam Services

When it comes to steamers, having the proper equipment and application is a great determining factor in the efficiency of the task. Our units are equipped with a 980,000 BTU boiler, chemical, high pressure hose reel unit for smaller applications and steam lines, which can also double up as dual […]

Water Services

FourQuest provides state of the art water truck service for many different applications, ranging from 12 m3 To 22 m3, these units are extremely important in industrial cleaning for delivery of various types of fluids – from water to hydro media. These units are equipped with attachments to utilize them in […]

Chemical Cleaning

FourQuest offers a variety of chemical cleaning processes for all your turnaround needs to keep your equipment performing at tip-top condition. Post operations equipment typically accumulate sludge or suffer significant rusting during use which can result in fluid obstruction, reduced heat transfer efficiencies, high concentrations of contaminants such as LELs […]

Maintenance Pigging

Maintain Piping Integrity Like all equipment, pipes require maintenance to keep them working at their best. Deposit build-up from operations doesn’t just obstruct flow but also increases pressure drops over long distances requiring pumps to work harder. FQE offers several maintenance pigging services to fulfill all your needs. Dewatering & […]

Tank Cleaning

Tailored engineered approach, custom chemistry, and experience. FourQuest Energy delivers a tank cleaning methodology that’s tailor-made to each vessel or tank – changing the industry standard as well as enhanced mechanical cleaning. By optimizing our approach with custom chemicals from FQE Chemicals, we reduce the duration and number of crew […]

Heat Exchanger Cleaning

From heavy hydrocarbons to scale deposits, FourQuest boasts the state of the art mechanical cleaning technologies and specialized chemistry to blast away all the residue that gets baked onto the equipment during operation to keep it in tip-top condition. Heat exchangers tend to foul overtime, leading to pugging causing both […]

Potable Water Supply

Let FourQuest’s fast, cost-effective water and waste water solutions ensure your facilities are ready to go and well-stocked, reliability. Rest assured, you won’t have to worry about potable water supply service to your camp or business with our water trucks and vacuum trucks. Our fleet operates 24/7, all year round. […]



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