Upstream/Downhole - FourQuest Energy

In addition to our process and pipeline applications, FourQuest Energy also provides a wide range of down-hole nitrogen services. What follows is a list outlining some of the services we provide:

Well Cleanouts

The displacement of wellbore fluids to the surface using nitrogen to pressurize down through the annulus, forcing the returns upward.

Gas lift

The use of nitrogen gas injection, designed to commingle with produced fluids to prevent the wellbore from loading up and stopping flow.

Stuck drill pipe

The use of high-pressure nitrogen to lower hydrostatic head and allow for freeing of the drill string in cases where drill pipe becomes deferentially stuck against highly permeable formations.

Underbalanced drilling

The commingling of nitrogen and drilling fluids to keep the hydrostatic head low and prevent loss of drilling fluids into low pressure formations during drilling operations.

Nitrified fluid injection

The injection of stimulation chemicals into formation with a nitrogen assist, used to expand the reach and dispersion of the chemistry (foamed treatments). This process also aids in fluid recovery from the formation by providing large energy source for flow-back.

Well integrity testing

A process used in conjunction with wire-line to manage and measure fluid/gas interface in wells. Well integrity testing is an important tool for locating casing or tubular leaks.

Fracturing applications

High-pressure and high-rate nitrogen can be used in fracturing operations to reduce fluid requirements and to enhance the flow-back of stimulation fluids. This can enhance well clean up following fracturing treatments.

Coil tubing operations

Nitrogen gas is a key tool in virtually all coil tubing operations, from displacing treatment chemicals, acids, or solvents into the formation. It is also used in well fluid displacements and to clean out the CTU string following well treatments.

Pressure testing

Nitrogen gas can be used for integrity and surface equipment tests. The presence of any leaks can be confirmed during this testing process using helium leak detection or sonic leak testing.

Well displacement

Nitrogen gas can be used for the displacement of wellbore fluids into formation.

Well injection testing

 Nitrogen injection can be used to measure permeability and well flow characteristics.

Foamed cement operations

Nitrogen gas injection can be used during cementing operations to lighten the cement slurry blend and minimize the hydrostatic head of the column. This reduces the possibility that the weight of the cement column will break down low-pressure zones and leak off.