HSE Program - FourQuest Energy

Communication is what we do to give and get understanding

We continuously evaluate our HSE program to develop and improve our policies and programs. Our HSE department encourages feedback and input from all employees.

FourQuest Energy is COR certified. We conduct yearly audits to identify any deficiencies. Inspections are completed on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. We use the information from these reports as a learning tool.

We are a global organization and as such, we have many different requirements to follow due to varying legislation. Our HSE department stays in contact with the relevant jurisdictions to ensure we have 100% compliance. Legislation is considered a minimum standard. FourQuest Energy goes above and beyond; we strive to be the leader in our industry by setting an example.

Communication is key to the success of our program. We are current with health and safety industry bulletins and communicate these immediately as another step in keeping our employees safe.

The methods of communication we have incorporated into our HSE program include:

  • Regular safety meetings
  • An HSE bulletin board
  • Industry notifications and alerts
  • Health and safety newsletters
  • Coaching
  • Open communication
  • Regular feedback