Water Services - FourQuest Energy

FourQuest provides state of the art water truck service for many different applications, ranging from 12 m3 To 22 m3, these units are extremely important in industrial cleaning for delivery of various types of fluids – from water to hydro media.

These units are equipped with attachments to utilize them in many types of service, from watering roads to ice melting; making them more than just your average water truck. We went over and above by installing stainless steel tanks, adapters and fittings, keeping safety in mind.


  • Supplying water for various applications
  • Watering roads
  • Ice melting
  • Hydro media
  • Raw water

Sour Sealed Water Units

Our sour sealed water units allow the safe transport of sour materials such as production water, condensate, crude oil and chemical products. The main benefit of these units is the ability to offer an environmentally safe way of loading fluids without venting harmful fumes into the atmosphere.

These units are tri-drive, and equipped with a multi-compartment stainless steel tank, 4 inch steel geared TNE product pump, and a state of the art plumbing system making it the ideal unit for all your fluid handling needs. Additional features include stainless steel hoses, fittings, built in scrubbers, and all hoses go through a certification process.