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Risk Management

We promote a culture of safety within our organization and integrate prevention measures into all business strategies, processes, and performance measures.
Risk Management

At FourQuest Energy, we promote a culture of safety within our organization and integrate prevention measures into all business strategies, processes, and performance measures.

Our risk assessments include identifying all possible hazards, routes of exposure, an assessment of the degree of severity, and likelihood of occurrence. We believe that the most important step in eliminating possible incidents is to create an in-depth risk assessment. Our operations department, HSE department and engineering department collaborate to eliminate and/or control hazards to keep our employees as safe as possible.

Stop and Think Cards

It is FourQuest Energy’s policy to implement a systematic process for identification and control of hazards specific to the services our company provides.

We have recognized our top 10 risks and are raising our employees’ awareness by implementing FQE’s 10 Quest for Zero Rules to assist us in reaching our goal of zero incidents and illnesses.

Lockout-Tagout Lockout/Tagout

Identify isolation requirements before starting work. Use the required isolation devices and ensure they have been locked & tagged. Verify the isolation before work begins.

Be FourQuest Fit Be FourQuest Fit

Come to work well rested, free from the effects of drugs, prescriptions and alcohol. Are you physically and mentally able to perform your job without posing a risk to yourself or others?

Chemical Handling Chemical Handling

Review MSDS sheets before working with controlled products. Follow all recommendations for chemical handling including PPE requirements.

Interventions Interventions

If you see an unsafe work practice or uncontrolled hazard, speak up, the life you save might be your own. Report all immediately dangerous situations to supervision.

Tools & Equipment Tools & Equipment

Ensure that all tools and equipment have been inspected and have the required certifications. Never use tools or equipment in a manner that it was not intended by the manufacturer, do not modify tools.

Safe Driving Safe Driving Practices

Follow all local regulations and site specific driving requirements. Always wear a seatbelt, drive free from distractions and follow FQE Journey Management practices.


Use proper PPE in accordance with Safe Work Procedures and Risk Assessments. Ensure you have been trained and the PPE has been inspected before using it.

Safe Lifting Procedures Safe Lifting Procedures

Always follow safe lifting practices, never walk underneath a suspended load, and always inspect lifting equipment prior to use. Do not exceed the capacity of lifting devices.

Safe Work Permits Safe Work Plans & Permits

Ensure that all required safety paperwork have been completed before starting work. This includes FLRA’s, Procedures, Risk Assessments, and Work Permits.

Control Your Work Area Control your Work Area

Separate your work area from surroundings by using cones, warning ribbon and barriers. Communicate hazards through the use information tags and signs to make others aware of the risks.

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