Pre-Engineering to Achieve Under Budget, Ahead of Schedule Execution

January 26, 2017

  • Mine
  • Canada
  • Pre-Commissioning

Pre-Engineering to Achieve Under Budget, Ahead of Schedule Execution

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A Northern Alberta mine required air blowing to be performed on multiple systems throughout their facility.

Prior to the execution of any work onsite, pre-engineering was performed. Our engineers mobilized to the site to conduct planning of the entire job scope. This planning included field verification of the systems, development of procedures, discussing procedures with the client and their pipefitters, preplanning equipment placement, and required craft support. Equipment placement planning to reduce the movement of the equipment was a key factor in our ability to reduce the overall duration of this scope saving our client a lot of time.

Based on our field verification, we were able to engineer a plan to efficiently perform air blows on the piping with respect to the existing real world conditions.

Performing pre-engineering allowed us to ensure all persons involved were on the same page. Pipefitting crews, who were included in our planning, were able to work ahead which meant we had zero downtime due to rig in/rig out time. No last minute procedure approvals were required, which frequently creates delays.

By bringing in our engineers ahead of time to perform pre-engineering, our client was able to save over 14%, or $71,000 from the final job invoice.


Pre-planning allowed FQE, client, and craft personnel to all work together in a timely manner.

Engineered equipment placement was able to ensure constant air blowing once scope execution began.

Client savings of over 14% off of the execution costs.