Steam Blowing MP Steam Header - Case Study

February 4, 2017

  • Oil & Gas
  • Canada
  • Pre-Commissioning

Steam Blowing MP Steam Header

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A major global oil and gas producer approached FourQuest Energy to perform steam blows on the MP Steam header in their Northern Alberta facility.

The MP steam header consisted of 400m of 30” piping, which would require more than one silencer set up to accommodate the required steam flow rate.

During our pre-engineering phase, it was calculated that 200 tonnes/hour of steam would be required to achieve the mandatory cleaning force ratio (CFR). This flow rate meant that more than one silencer would need to be rigged in at the outlet to accommodate the volume of steam as each silencer is capable of handling up to 150 tonnes/hour.

During steam blow operations, the flow rate reached as high as 290 tonnes/hour. This additional flow rate was achievable because of the setup of the two silencers.

After only 12 hours of steam blowing, the system was deemed clean by the client via visual inspection.


400m of 30" piping required steam blowing.

Significant steam flow required to clean the system meant multiple silencers would be required.

The use of multiple silencers was able to accommodate the steam flow once it reached rates over the calculated requirements.