Elevating Industrial Project Excellence: A Look at BEST Energy Services' Innovative Solutions
December 8, 2023 J.J Malloy

Elevating Industrial Project Excellence: A Look at BEST Energy Services’ Innovative Solutions

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Building on the foundation laid by FourQuest Energy in integrating industrial cleaning specialists early in energy and construction projects, we look into the advanced solutions of BEST Energy Services, Inc. BEST’s offerings, including SigmaCommissioning, FrothFlush, SigmaClean, and SigmaBlow, are not just complementary to FourQuest’s methods but are instrumental in elevating overall project efficacy, safety, and compliance.

SigmaCommissioning: A Comprehensive Service Suite

SigmaCommissioning, BEST’s patented service, is a suite of OEM-approved services used globally in over 100 projects. This innovative approach substantially shortens the time needed for commissioning power plant construction projects, maintaining the utmost quality:

  • Holistic Viewpoint: SigmaCommissioning examines plant design, processes, and operations, focusing on increasing efficiency and reducing risk, thus ensuring a comprehensive approach to project management.
  • Award-winning Success: The application of SigmaCommissioning across various plant designs has garnered award-winning success for clients, indicating its versatility and effectiveness in diverse scenarios.
  • Obsoleting Conventional Milestones: Traditionally time-consuming steps like conventional steam blowing are rendered obsolete, saving significant time, resources, and, consequently, money.

FrothFlush: The Pinnacle of Flushing Technology

FrothFlush stands as BEST’s most efficient pipe and complex systems flushing technology, particularly effective for post-construction cleaning:

  • Versatile Cleaning: Suitable for systems like Fuel Gas, Oil, Condensate, Feedwater, and Cooling Water, FrothFlush cleans to an unprecedented level, surpassing traditional methods.
  • Debris and Impurity Removal: It effectively removes both heavy and light debris, as well as salts and other surface impurities, ensuring thorough cleansing of the systems.

SigmaClean: Operational Chemistry at Its Best

SigmaClean is BEST’s proven method for washing and passivating steam generators, enhancing their operational life and efficiency:

  • Simultaneous Testing and Passivation: While testing Boiler Feed Pumps to baseload, SigmaClean also passivates the steel of boilers, eliminating the need for costly external equipment setups.
  • Eco-friendly Disposal: The solution used in SigmaClean can be drained to plant drains, negating the need for offsite disposal and underscoring its environmental friendliness.

SigmaBlow: Redefining Steam Blowing Technology

SigmaBlow, a part of the SigmaCommissioning suite, brings patented advancements to steam blowing:

  • Efficient and Safe Commissioning: SigmaBlow has enabled rapid commissioning of plants with less than 100 hours of operation to target acceptance, avoiding extensive procedures like hydro-milling or acid cleaning.
  • Innovative Condenser Protection: With patented systems like the K-Shield™ Protection System, SigmaBlow ensures safe operation of condensers during high-energy steam flows, significantly more effective than traditional bypass blows.
  • Maximized Kinetic Forces: Generating the highest available kinetic forces, SigmaBlow achieves faster cleaning at a lower cost, proving more efficient than bypass blows through permanent bypasses, which often require additional cleaning steps.


BEST Energy Services‘ innovative solutions, synergistically combined with FourQuest Energy’s approaches, represent a paradigm shift in industrial cleaning and pre-commissioning. This collaboration not only meets but exceeds the rigorous demands of modern industrial projects, setting new standards in project efficiency, safety, and compliance. The integration of these technologies marks a new era in industrial project execution, characterized by excellence, effectiveness, and environmental stewardship.