Fuel Gas System Cleanliness
August 25, 2023 J.J Malloy

Fuel Gas System Cleanliness

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The fuel gas system of a combustion turbine power plant is a complex and sensitive area, where cleanliness is not a luxury but a necessity. Contamination can lead to performance inefficiencies, delays, and even catastrophic failures. While traditional methods of cleaning have their merits, innovative solutions such as FrothFlush™ are emerging as preferred options. This article highlights cleaning strategies, with an emphasis on why FrothFlush™, a BEST Energy Services, Inc. #technology, stands out.

The Cleaning Challenge

Cleaning fuel gas systems is multifaceted, covering offsite gas pipelines, filters, heaters, compressors, scrubbers, and on-base piping. Each component requires special attention and specific cleaning techniques. The challenge is to ensure thorough cleanliness without compromising safety or efficiency.

FrothFlush™: A Superior Cleaning Solution

In the demanding world of fuel gas system cleaning within combustion turbine power plants, FrothFlush™ stands out as an advanced and effective solution. As a leading-edge technology, FrothFlush™ is rapidly being recognized as a preferred method for multiple reasons:

1. Versatility: Suitable for Cleaning Various Components

  • Comprehensive Application: FrothFlush™ is not limited to a specific segment of the fuel gas system. Whether it’s gas compressors, heaters, or even intricate areas of the piping network, FrothFlush™ can be utilized.
  • Adaptability: Unlike conventional methods, FrothFlush™ can be tailored to specific needs, ensuring optimal cleaning across various components and materials.
  • Integration: It can be integrated with other cleaning strategies, such as air blowing or mechanical cleaning, forming a holistic cleaning approach for the entire system.

2. Efficiency: Provides Thorough Cleaning in Difficult Areas

  • Deep Cleaning: FrothFlush™ goes beyond surface cleaning, reaching hidden and challenging areas that might be difficult with traditional methods.
  • Time-Efficient: By penetrating those hard-to-reach spots, FrothFlush™ reduces the cleaning duration, translating to significant time savings.
  • Resource Optimization: With its thorough cleaning capability, FrothFlush™ can minimize the need for redundant cleaning cycles and excessive manpower, contributing to overall resource efficiency.
  • Quality Assurance: The method ensures the cleanliness of the fuel gas system, reducing the likelihood of performance inefficiencies and potential shutdowns.

3. Safety: Avoids the Risks Associated with Gas Blows

  • Proactive Safety Measures: Unlike traditional gas blows, FrothFlush™ employs a cleaning process that reduces the risk of hazardous situations.
  • Learning from the Past: The tragic incident at the Kleen Energy project has shown the fatal consequences of relying solely on gas blows. FrothFlush™ offers a safer alternative, upholding industry safety standards.
  • Compliance and Regulation Alignment: FrothFlush™ aligns with increasing regulatory scrutiny over safety, setting the standard for modern fuel gas system cleaning procedures.

Cleaning Strategies and Where FrothFlush™ Fits In

1. Offsite Gas Pipelines

  • Traditional Methods: Traditional cleaning techniques for offsite gas pipelines primarily consist of pigging and air blowing.
  • The FrothFlush™ Solution: In scenarios where traditional methods may be impractical, especially for extremely long pipelines or uniform diameters with few bends, FrothFlush™ can be considered as an advanced solution. Its adaptability makes it a feasible option for the varying complexities of offsite gas pipelines.

2. Filters/Coalescers

  • Standard Approaches: Manual cleaning and air blowing are commonly used to cleanse filter vessels and remove contaminants.
  • The FrothFlush™ Advantage: When standard methods fail to provide the required depth of cleaning, FrothFlush™ steps in as a more thorough and comprehensive solution. Its ability to penetrate into complex areas ensures optimal cleanliness and efficient system functionality.

3. Heaters

  • Traditional Cleaning: While traditional mechanical cleaning may still be required for exchanger heads, it often falls short for cleaning heater tubes.
  • The FrothFlush™ Edge: For heater tubes, FrothFlush™ stands out as an effective technique. Its capacity to reach hard-to-access areas within the tubes, coupled with efficient drying afterward, positions it as a superior method for ensuring heaters’ performance and lifespan.

4. Gas Compressors

  • Standard Techniques: Inlet and outlet piping of gas compressors can be cleaned by air blows or mechanical methods, especially for cooling heat exchangers.
  • The FrothFlush™ Alternative: FrothFlush™ offers an adaptable option, especially when traditional cleaning methods are unable to remove stubborn contaminants. Its thorough cleaning capability ensures that compressors operate at peak efficiency.

5. Fuel Gas Scrubbers

  • Traditional Cleaning: Air blowing is often the main method used for cleaning fuel gas scrubbers.
  • The FrothFlush™ Exploration: If advanced cleaning is needed beyond what air blowing can provide, FrothFlush™ could be explored. Its precision and thoroughness make it suitable for more specialized and demanding cleaning scenarios within scrubbers.

6. Gas Turbine on Base Gas Piping

  • Essential Air Blowing: Air blowing remains an essential cleaning strategy for the sensitive on-base piping, a common source of contamination.
  • The #FrothFlush™ Consideration: For specialized cleaning needs, FrothFlush™ could be considered as a complement to air blowing. Its tailored approach, coupled with its ability to remove welding purge dams and blockages, enhances system cleanliness and helps avoid potential burner damage.


The fuel gas system within a combustion turbine power plant is a vast and intricate network that demands meticulous care. As the industry evolves, so do the challenges and requirements of cleaning these complex systems. The emergence of FrothFlush™, a technology by BEST Energy Services, Inc., represents a significant leap forward in addressing these challenges.

The Cleaning #Challenge Met: FrothFlush™ comes as a solution to the multifaceted cleaning needs of offsite gas pipelines, filters, heaters, compressors, scrubbers, and on-base piping. It not only complements traditional methods but offers a superior cleaning process where conventional techniques may fall short.

FrothFlush™’s #Versatility: Unlike other methods, FrothFlush™ offers adaptability across various components of the fuel gas system. Its comprehensive application, ability to be tailored to specific needs, and integration with existing cleaning strategies form a holistic approach that elevates the cleaning standards.

Efficiency Through #Innovation: FrothFlush™ extends beyond mere surface cleaning, reaching areas that might have been challenging with traditional means. Its ability to reduce time and resources, coupled with quality assurance, adds a layer of efficiency that the industry has long sought.

A Commitment to #Safety: Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons for FrothFlush™’s rise to prominence is its alignment with safety standards. By avoiding the risks associated with traditional gas blows, a method underscored by tragic incidents like the Kleen Energy tragedy, FrothFlush™ stands as a testament to proactive safety measures and compliance with regulations.

In a world where the stakes are high, and where cleanliness is not merely a requirement but a guarantor of performance and safety, FrothFlush™ has positioned itself as a preferred method. Its blend of versatility, efficiency, and safety makes it more than just a cleaning solution; it’s a technological advancement that aligns with the future of the power industry. The industry’s shift towards FrothFlush™ isn’t just a change in method; it’s a step towards a cleaner, safer, and more efficient future.duction.