SigmaBlow 4.0™: Raising the Bar in Industrial Cleaning and Commissioning
June 26, 2023 J.J Malloy

SigmaBlow 4.0™: Raising the Bar in Industrial Cleaning and Commissioning

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As we continue to push the boundaries of pre-commissioning in power plant construction, BEST Energy Services, Inc. is proud to introduce the next generation of SigmaBlow technology: SigmaBlow 4.0™. Building on our patented SigmaCommissioning™ Program, SigmaBlow 4.0™ brings dramatic improvements, boosting efficiency and cost-effectiveness for #EPC Customers, #Owners, and #OEM‘s across the globe.

“SigmaBlow 4.0™ – The embodiment of efficiency, innovation, and sustainability in industrial commissioning. Not just a cleaning method, but a way forward for a cleaner future in power generation.”

The Genesis of SigmaBlow 4.0™

In our pursuit of continuous improvement and innovation, our journey started with earlier generations of SigmaBlow technology, which, despite their benefits, came with some challenges. The complexities of temporary piping and operational difficulties made the process time-consuming and costly.

But we were not deterred. We went back to the drawing board and spent two years in research and development. The result was SigmaBlow 3.0™, a game-changing technology that significantly reduced the need for complex temporary piping, consumed less fuel and water, and compressed the commissioning timeline from weeks to mere days.

SigmaBlow 3.0™ was a significant step forward, but at BEST Energy Services, Inc., we always aim higher.

Introducing SigmaBlow 4.0™

SigmaBlow 4.0™ takes the advances of SigmaBlow 3.0™ to the next level. Using sophisticated piping modeling, stress analysis, and dynamic flow modeling, our engineers have further minimized the need for temporary piping and resource usage.

Our SigmaBlow 4.0™ technology accomplishes this without compromising the exceptional results that our clients have come to expect. It still commissions 90% of the plant simultaneously to base-load, recouping valuable time in project schedules. Moreover, our method offers more effective results than alternative approaches that rely on acids for chemical-cleaning the HRSG, followed by high-velocity flushing.

Unmatched Economic Value

SigmaBlow 4.0™ is more than just a technology; it’s a testament to our commitment to providing value for our clients. This commitment extends to our flexible project arrangements. We offer a one-time project user license for projects planning to use a Low-Pressure Steamblow to Atmosphere (LPSBA) and have already contracted for that work.

Our model also accommodates various financing and payment options to suit the specific needs of our clients, ensuring they receive the greatest possible value.

The SigmaBlow 4.0™ Advantage

SigmaBlow 4.0™ delivers unmatched benefits across the board, from water and fuel gas reductions, labor reductions, schedule reductions, and long-term steam turbine security. Plus, SigmaBlow 4.0™ offers a plethora of other advantages such as superior condenser protection, duct burners commissioning, and the assurance of ACC condenser vacuum pre-fire.

BES&T Certification

With SigmaBlow 4.0™, we guarantee that every project will realize cost savings greater than the implementation costs. We stand behind our technology with a pledge to work with our clients to share in the value savings derived from their projects.

This is the SigmaBlow 4.0™ promise: Full load, less piping, fuel, and water. We are proud to bring this newest generation of industrial cleaning and commissioning to our customers, ensuring that your operations are not just clean, but SigmaClean

The Future is Here with SigmaBlow 4.0™

At BEST, we’re proud to continue innovating and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of industrial cleaning and pre-commissioning. SigmaBlow 4.0™ is a testament to our commitment to better, more efficient, and cost-effective solutions.

But we’re not stopping here. Our team of dedicated engineers, scientists, and field personnel are constantly striving for the next innovation, for the next solution that will shape the future of industrial cleaning and commissioning.

Our Pledge to You

Our mission at BEST Energy Services, Inc. is simple: we want to make a real, positive impact on the industry and on our customers’ operations. SigmaBlow 4.0™ is our latest contribution to this mission.

We believe that clean, efficient, and environmentally responsible operations are not only good for business but essential for a sustainable future. With SigmaBlow 4.0™, we are one step closer to achieving this vision.

Join Us in Shaping the Future

Experience the revolution of SigmaBlow 4.0™. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our SigmaCommissioning™ Program and how SigmaBlow 4.0™ can dramatically improve your operation’s efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental footprint. We are excited to collaborate with you on this journey, shaping the future of industrial cleaning and commissioning. Together, let’s make a difference. Together, let’s strive for a cleaner, more efficient, and sustainable future.

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“Clean operations are not just good operations; they are the BEST operations!”